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Treadmills for commercial and corporate sales and hire.

Corporate Treadmill IMT8000



Machine size 21486149cm
Foldedsize unfoldable
Running surface 52155cm
Running belt 2.5 mm thickness
Deck 25.4 mm thickness and reversible
with 10- piece- elastomer cushion
NW/GW 154.6kg/181.6kg
Speed range 1.0 -20km/hr
Motor Powerful DC 3.0 hp (continuous duty)
high insulation motor
MCB PWM system
Elevation 0- 15levelpushbuttoncontrol
Uesrweight 180kg


Monitor console

6-LED windows, including Speed / Time /
Distance / Calories /Pulse/Incline /
plus dot matrix profile display, 1-4-7-10-13-16 km
quick speed keys / 2-4-6-8-10-12 level quick incline keys,
2-USER, 2-HRC, Warm-up, Cool-down, Heart receiver built in and Pulse recovery.

Large storage cabin for water bottle & key rings Stylish design fits your workout more efficient Aluminium side panels with Anti- slip strips for safety Patented innovative combination of Hand Pulse & peed/Incline Control Gravity casting end cap enriches this machine in safety performance Full-size PU added handle provides superior comfortable touching on excercise


 Commercial Bellagio Series

Machine size 223.5 102 164 cm
Folded size Non-folded
Running surface 56 165 cm
Running belt thickness 3 mm
Deck 25.4 mm thickness with 10-piece-elastomer cushions
Speed range 0.8 - 25 / kph
Motor Powerful 3.0 hp AC
(continous duty) high insulation motor
Mcb AC inverter
Elevation 0 -15 level push button control
Uesr weight 180 kg

Monitor : 2 LED (130 60 mm) built-in large dot matrix prole display (10 x 30 dots each display) with additional 5 segment red LED displays key-in quick speed & quick incline input
Program: 10 speed & 10 incline(each including 3 user dend) with cross-combi functions, warm up, cool down, 2HRC, 1 bodyfat, 1 recovery
Extra TFT monit: Optional
Speaker: 5 Watt x2
Pulse receiver: Polar receiver built in


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